‘Story’ – a Poem by Stevie Wills.

Did you hear  

in a whisper

a breath

a moment of stillness 



spiritual stillness 

in a space between thoughts 

did you hear 

the deeper story? 


Deeper than any criticism 





towards self  

towards others. 



souls, sacred. 



all humanity connected 

through all that is humanity 

for its air we breath 

it’s blood we bleed 

we bleed humanity 

we bleed vulnerability. 


Love is the blood of the earth 

the tide of the oceans 

speaking wisdom  

declaring in us 

through us 

the sacred 

the divine 

breathe in us 

write in us 

the deeper story 

sacredness abiding 

connecting us.

steveie - 2

Stevie is a performance poet, public speaker, writer and advocate. She has had celebral palsy since birth and in her own words:

 “I love being able to encourage and inspire others, and make a difference for those who are struggling. That…for me…makes it all worthwhile”.

Check out all the amazing things she does at: https://www.steviewills.com/

*Front image courtesy of CBM Australia

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