Everyday Feminist – Mihirini Aryaratne.


As part of this series, SpeakYoTruth will feature Everyday Feminists in their daily fight against injustice and gender inequality.

Today we showcase  globetrotter, adventurer, fashionista and fellow feminist warrior, Mihirini Aryaratne after she took part in the International Women’s Day March in London.



“Feminism has never been a dirty word to me. But I felt lately I’ve been caught up in my own woes and it was too long since I’ve actively been a part of something bigger than myself. So it was personally uplifting to have taken part in the Women’s March in London today, standing in global solidarity marching for global gender justice and climate change.

Simply put, showing up matters. Show up for yourself and show up for her, her and her. Fuck the patriarchy. Angry women change the world”

#withher #internationalwomensday2020 #iwd2020 #march4women #stillmarching #emmelinepankhurst #fuckthepatriarchy #pussypower #gogirlgo #celebratewomen #womenhood #equality #humanrights #solidarity #climatechange #climatejustice

Preach Bae!


Follow Mihirini via insta: https://www.instagram.com/mihirini_/?hl=en

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