About SpeakYoTruth.

Today I launch this online publication titled SpeakYoTruth. It’s an important moment for me and a deliberate move towards actioning something I have been alluding to for years now. The motivation behind this act is to create a safe space in which people are enabled to speak/write/illustrate the issues that mean the most to them and support them to speak their own unique truths. The thinking behind this being that I want to facilitate and provoke conversations about issues that matter which may not happen organically without a slight push.

The past few months for me as a blogger have seen an incredible amount of growth in my writing. I have posted with honesty and rawness that has promoted a certain level of discomfort but touched on issues which I feel we need to abolish the taboo on. There is something about putting a thought, a struggle or an empowered notion down on paper and admitting to it or committing to its messaging which is easier to broach than verbalising it in person.

I feel as though our conversations with each other have tended to fall back on the vain or superficial and we’ve somehow forgotten how to approach content on matters of substance.

I truly hope in that establishing this publication that it will become a forum for open and honest conversation in which people tell their stories with vulnerability tinged with ultimate courage and immense strength.

You have a story to tell, as do I. You have struggles, insecurities and challenges which you face each and every day. You have causes that are important to you that deserve the space for discussion and a call to activism.

My hope is that you use this platform to speak your own unique truth and broach subject matter that you have always wanted to put out there but haven’t had an avenue to do so.

This publication is as much yours as it is mine, use it powerfully and mindfully.

Sabene. Xx

Editor, Founder, Activist, Feminist.